Recent Projects - Overview

The Challenge

Adviser Breakthrough Solution™ required a Contact / Customer Relationship Management System that would enable the business to:

  • easily search clients, prospects and suppliers
  • track sales
  • track attendance to their many coaching and training offerings
  • retain company direction flexibility through scalable design and simple maintenance
  • provide automation for monotonous office tasks
  • enable the use of more advanced marketing methods to increase opportunities without dramatically increasing workload
  • get easy access to key performance indicators and also to in depth statistics on company and product offering performance
  • retain their secure systems by having the system integrate fully with Active Directory on their Windows domain

The Solution

After reviewing the existing current contact solution and their IT infrastructure we decided that the optimal route was to pursue a Microsoft Access frontend running off of Microsoft SQL server. This route was determined because:

  • the cost of off the shelf Contact Management System's was not viable for them
  • any Contact Management System off the shelf product would need to be customised heavily in order to make it truly powerful to the business. This would cost more money and more time in implementing the product
  • they already owned a 50 user licence for MSSQL

Our solution addressed the project requirements by:

  • making data mining searches extremely quick and very accurate. Through the use of MSSQL it is possible to store huge amounts of data and still have it easily searchable with minimal system overheads.
  • providing service and product sections that relate to each individual contact it is possible to track not only where a client came to be a prospect originally but furthermore it is fully capable of determining the effectiveness of future cross-marketing exercises to validate their effectiveness. Another intrinsic addition for sales was the ability to assign a client to a Sales Team member. This ensured that, in a very busy sales driven environment, all sales team members could view accurately their own clients so that they maximise their relationship building tasks effectively.
  • storing all attendance data for both their training days and coaching programmes it became possible to not only get accurate KPI's on how the coaching and training was doing, but it also enabled the management to see at what stage clients were throughout a programme to analyse where their coaching could be refined further
  • providing the contact management system with a comprehensive maintenance section that enables even the less tech familiar of users to make modifications as the company grows and pursues different avenues. This provides true flexibility from a business point of view, and from a technical point of view because of the relational structure of the database it is possible in most instances to change one option and then the option selection cascades throughout the database updating all the relevant contacts or data appropriately. This flexibility reduces the total cost of ownership and reduces the need for high cost maintenance contracts
  • enabling each staff member to generate many documents at the click of a button. Simply bringing up the appropriate contact or group of contacts and clicking a button will generate anything from standard letters, through to terms of business and standing order mandates. The system also allows users to add their own standardised documents to the system. This provides a highly scalable solution to all of those monotonous tasks and also ensures total consistency in documents that are produced
  • allowing the tracking of every clients relationship with the company. Every phone call the client makes, every sale that is made, every training day they attend, every interest they register is tracked by the Contact Management System. It is tracked in such a way that enables the system to provide vast arrays of on-demand statistics.
  • displaying KPI's and advanced detailed company statistics instantly. Never before had so much detailed information about company performance, product and service performance, and business strengths and weaknesses been so easily accessed.
  • integrating fully with the existing IT infrastructure. Through Active Directory it is possible to securely add and modify users access privileges to the Contact Management System.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use interface that gives staff fast access to contact relationship data
  • Effective ranking and monitoring of sales opportunities and sales that have taken place
  • An advanced coaching and training statistics overview can be prepared in a single mouse click
  • Services, products, documents, and almost all data can easily be maintained internally without the need to outsource IT skills
  • Documents, e-mails and administrative exercises that used to take hours now take minutes
  • The Marketing team can now query the Contact Management System for far more complex, and accurate data to provide more healthy revenue streams. They can also send e-mails, and letters to these prospects quickly and easily
  • Statistics and KPI's can be produced instantly and in a presentable print format
  • The Contact Management System is built upon existing IT systems, and on existing security layers.

About Adviser Breakthrough Solution™

Adviser Breakthrough Solution™ is a service provider to Independent Financial Advisers (IFA's) in the UK. They provide coaching, training, publications and technical report writing services that enhance the skills, knowledge and available resource of the progressive independent financial adviser.