Recent Projects - Overview

The Challenge

Cyber Tech Help™ asked for several modifications and improvements to be made to improve the flexibility and usability of the website. These involved:

  • improving page load times
  • making the coding of the web pages more consistent and more manageable
  • to make the website more accessible for users with disabilities
  • to build a Content Management System so that the Administrators could easily add, and maintain the websites data

The Solution

After reviewing the existing website, it's code, and existing applications we decided to address the tasks by performing the following:

  • re-coded all HTML pages to remove unnecessary use of tables, and deprecated tags. In it's place we replicated their layout exactly using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). By doing this we reduced the page file size by up to two thirds of what it was originally. Combined with the more up to date use of modern coding methods meant that page load times were dramatically improved. We also rewrote several key content islands that were generated dynamically using PHP so that they could benefit from advanced caching mechanisms. This has a two-fold effect. Firstly, it meant that pages loaded faster. Additionally, because code didn't need to be processed so regularly it took load off the server.
  • through the use of CSS the backend coding of the website is considerably more manageable and a lot of repetition has been avoided. The removal of repetition, and the separation of design elements from backend elements enables designers to be able to change the look of the website without needing to learn additional programming languages. Another key benefit of choosing this route was that the "look" of the website was more consistent throughout different web browsers meaning that the website no longer restricted some potential visitors from viewing the website which in turn meant a far greater audience reach.
  • another goal that was reached was to (where possible) make sure that the website correctly conformed strictly to the Opens in a new windowW3C Standards. The W3C maintains a specification, and guidelines for designers that enable their websites to be cross-browser compatible, consistent, and most importantly accessible for those with disabilities.
  • another key requirement was for Administrators of the website to be able to update it easily, quickly, and consistently. By implementing our own Content Management System (CMS) on the Cyber Tech Help™ website they are now able to add and modify all dynamic content islands through a User Interface (UI) that is simple to use.

Key Benefits

  • Improved the visitors experience when browsing the website
  • By adding consistency and standardisation the data and structure became more manageable
  • Through making the website more accessible it can reach a larger audience
  • Content can now be added, modified, deleted at the click of a button

About Cyber Tech Help™

Cyber Tech Help™ is an online Computer Help Community. Through it's website and forums its staff and members help individuals and businesses to fix their computing questions. Cyber Tech Help™ is a large online resource with over 60,000 members. The website receives 2-3 million page views, and 750,000 unique visitors per month.

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