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We hear the same story over and over again…

A small business or sole trader pays hundreds of pounds for a website. The web design company asks for lots of content: logos, text, images etc.

They ask for some colour choices with no guidance and then disappear for a few weeks. They then come back with a draft version of the website for you to look at on desktop.

You don’t like the colours, it’s not what you imagined in your head.

“But they’re the colours you chose.” You know this!

“What would you like to change them to?”

You don’t know.

You’re not a designer. You were hoping they would have some suggestions. But they don’t.

You look at the layout. It’s alright, but a bit boring. You ask for some adjustments and they do them, but deep down, you’re not impressed.

I mean, you’re not a web designer!

You genuinely might not know what you want and they aren’t helping. You pay the bill because they’re starting to make you feel a bit like a time waster and you just want to get out of there.

You get the site, announce it on social media and all of your friends begin to slowly message you about the mistakes and errors they can see, especially when viewing your site on their mobiles. They mean well…

You get that ‘pit of the stomach feeling’ that you have thrown significant money down the drain.

You take you website to a friend and they say that they can sort it out if you can get them the login details, but then you find out that you don’t have access to the backend and any changes have to be made by the company you got it from.

Now you know that the money HAS been wasted.

We will help you source a web server that will belong to you. Not us. Depending on your needs it could cost as little as £16 a month. 


Domain Names

We will help to guide you through the process of purchasing your own domain if you’d like us to. If you already own a domain, no problem.

Choosing the right colour scheme for your site can be critical. You want a consistent brand running right through your site and marketing materials.

Colour Schemes

Logo Design

Your logo is critical to you website design. If you have one already, great. But if you haven’t got that far yet, we can help you create your perfect design.

All of our websites are fast, well structured and look great whether on desktop or mobile. Of course if you are looking to make serious waves on Google, you can make the most our our SEO  Services.

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